General Dentistry

Regular Dental Care

It’s not enough to brush and floss daily to preserve an immaculate smile and healthy teeth. Consulting your dentist at regular intervals is essential to prevent the occurrence of frequent oral problems, such as cavities.

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Gum Treatment

The periodontium is the set of tissues that connect the teeth to the jaw. This part of the mouth allows you to talk, eat and smile. Periodontitis is a periodontal infection that occurs recurrently and gradually and which damages the gums and other periodontal tissues. This infection can lead to other problems if not treated in time, such as cardiovascular diseases, pancreatitis, premature births, etc.

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White Plumbing

Composite restoration, more commonly known as white filling, is a versatile and aesthetic material. Once revolutionary, the use of an acid to create micro-retentions on the tooth allowed the advent of composite restoration: the application of a restoration to the tooth.

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Root Canal

The tooth is composed of three layers: enamel, dentin and cementum.The cementum contains a soft tissue called the dental pulp. It is the dental pulp which contains the nerves and the blood useful for the development of the tooth. During a root canal treatment, the dentist removes the pulp from the tooth, thus preventing the spread of infection and the extraction of the affected tooth. A dental X-ray has to be taken in order to find out if a root canal is needed.

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